Oddsmakers Have Almost ZERO Confidence In Johnny Manziel To Succeed In His First NFL Start

Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

This probably doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone, especially the Marvin Lewis, but oddsmakers don’t exactly have a ton of confidence in Manziel performing well in his first NFL start this weekend against the Cincinnati Bengals. After all, the guy is a fucking midget, right, Marvin? Maybe you can pet him on the head after your team dismantles the Browns? That would be cute.

But seriously, what other options do the Browns have at this point? Brian Hoyer has gotten progressively worse over the course of the season and he was sooooooo painfully bad against the Colts last week — the Browns defense was the only reason the game was even close. The Browns head coach, Mike Pettine, had no choice but to hand the pill to Johnny Football. And vegas couldn’t have less confidence in that decision. In fact, they think the Browns have less of a chance to make the playoff with Manziel under center. That would be alarming but did anyone really think the Browns were going to make the playoffs to begin with? I mean, come on. They’re the Browns for Christ’s sake.

Here’s a look at what the oddsmakers at FootballBettingCenter.com expect from Manziel.

– Odds Johnny Manziel starts the final three games of the year for the Browns: 1/3

– Odds that the Browns make the playoffs …
with Hoyer starting the final three games: 24/1
with Manziel starting the final three games: 30/1

– Odds Manziel throws for 300+ yards against Cincinnati: 15/1

– Odds that Manziel runs for 100 yards against Cincinnati: 30/1

– Over/under on the number of turnovers (interceptions/fumbles) for Manziel against Cincinnati: 1.5
Over: 3/2 Under: 2/3

– Over/under on the number of TD’s (running/ passing) for Manziel against Cincinnati: 1.5
Over: 1/1 Under: 1/1

– If Cleveland gets the ball trailing Cincinnati by eight points or fewer in the final two minutes of the game, odds that Manziel …
Leads the Browns on a game winning/tying drive: 1/1
Throws an interception: 3/1

– Over/under on the number of “Show Me the Money” hand gestures Manziel will make against Cincinnati: 1.5
Over: 1/1 Under: 1/1

– Odds the following Bengals make the “Show Me the Money” gesture against the Browns…
Any Bengals player: 1/3
Carlos Dunlap: 3/1
Adam Jones: 3/1
Geno Atkins: 5/1
Wallace Gilberry: 6/1
Reggie Nelson: 6/1
AJ Green: 10/1
Giovani Bernard: 20/1
Andy Dalton: 20/1

Good luck, Johnny.