This Off-The-Cage-Wall Superman Punch Knockout Will Make You Say, ‘Damn…’

by 4 years ago
superman punch knockout


Here comes the boom.

Many mixed martial arts diehards hate the Superman punch. Mostly because it’s used in movies (love you Gina Carano) and *cough* pro wrestling and looks like the best way to absolutely finish a guy. In reality it is one of those punches that when it lands it’s amazing, but it’s really not a move that one can depend on inside the cage.

HOWEVER! When it’s done to perfection and includes the fighter launching himself off the cage, resulting in a spectacular knockout, it’s truly a thing of beauty.

Which is why, despite this fight showing Nick Laney landing the perfect Superman punch off the cage on Sebastian Kozok being from 2013 it’s only just now resurfacing and making the rounds on places like Reddit and Cage Potato (where I discovered it).

It’s just so fucking good.

If you liked that and want to see a more recent Superman punch KO Cage Potato also has one of those too. Knock yourself out. (Sorry, not sorry.)

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