Slow-Mo Video Of Insane Ohio State Marching Band Trick Leaves College Football Fans In Awe

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THE Ohio State University Marching Band is one of the best in the country. Not only do the Buckeyes knock the musicality out of the park with every performance, they are pretty impressive when it comes to showmanship.

The Big 10 Conference is considered to be the gold standard for traditional-style marching bands, with the SEC not far behind. However, even though they are as traditional as it gets, Ohio State finds unique, interesting ways to keep things entertaining.

In particular, the Buckeyes have incredible formations to pair with their booming acoustics. For example, at the spring game last weekend, the Ohio State Marching Band paid tribute to Van Halen and they absolutely wailed.

Now, as the Buckeyes start to turn their focus to the fall, assistant drum major Dalton Cararo has gone viral for his baton/mace work. In a mind-blowing video posted first to the band’s official TikTok, Cararo puts physics to work and pulls of an insane trick.

In slow motion, Dalton throws his mace out to the side, spinning and flipping it away from him. And then, somehow, the mace bounces perfectly on the ground and tumbles right back into Dalton’s out-stretched hand off of the bounce.

While it might look doctored or fake, the band is very adamant that it is not.

God only knows how long that Cararo had been practicing that trick before executing it to perfection and going viral. Mind blown.