Did This Ohio State Chick Get Caught With Her Side-Dude When She Realized She Was On TV? (UPDATE: It’s Her Boyfriend)



What the hell is happening here? The look of “shit, I wish I wasn’t on camera right now” is strewn across this chick’s face the moment she sees herself on the stadium’s Jumbotron. But why?

Did she call out of work sick to watch Ohio State play Alabama?


Did she notice a gigantic booger in her nose from the Jumbotron? It that why she almost picked it on live TV? Could be. If I knew I was on TV I’d want a clean nose, too.


Did she attend the game with this guy, who’s head she is sensually stroking and fingering, and he’s not her actual boyfriend or husband? Naw, that can’t be it, right? No one is that fucking stupid. She probably just had an awkward moment and has no idea how to react to being on camera. Yeah, that sounds right.


Here is a longer clip. Really stroking that head tenderly.

UPDATE: That was her boyfriend. Nothing to see here. Just a girl madly in love.