Remember That Ohio State Chick Who Got Caught With Her Side-Dude On TV? He’s Actually Her Boyfriend



The Internet is absolutely perfect for three things:

  1. Porn
  2. Making viral stories by jumping to conclusions and assuming everyone is an asshole
  3. More porn

Well today is your lucky day kiddies, because we’ve all just gotten a front-row seat to thing #3 and you don’t even know it yet! Yet. I’m about to tell you, so get ready.

That Ohio State chick who got caught with her side-dude on TV? That guy’s actually her boyfriend and the entire Internet jumped to conclusions, because conclusions are more fun than just making the valid assumption that the girl in the video is an awkward little motherfucker.


How do we know this? Because someone who reads Gawker and knows the Ohio State girl sent them a screenshot of her Facebook wall, particularly a status that says the boy in the video is her boyfriend.



So what do we think? That the girl is just an awkward little booger when it comes to public displays of affection, or that the Facebook screenshot is fake and that this is all a poorly-enacted conspiracy to get the girl out of trouble with her real boyfriend? Personally I don’t know, but what I do know, is that I don’t care. The only way I would find this interesting is if her side-dude was an animal and that she’s actually into bestiality. The Internet has seriously raised the bar when it comes to shocking me, and sadly this doesn’t do it for my masochistic tendencies.

Animals or GTFO.


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