Ohio State Football Players Get Dummy Pranked, Cardale Jones May Have Crapped His Pants



It has been a pretty good year for the Ohio State Buckeyes football team, as they’re the reigning national champions and, according to some, might be the team to beat heading into this upcoming season, too.

As the Bucks prepare to defend their title, it seems like they’re still trying to keep the fun times going.

Like other teams have done in recent years, the Buckeyes dressed an actual human being up to disguise himself as a mannequin to match others inside of the team’s football complex, just waiting for the perfect time to leap out and freak the shit out of these ripped up dudes.

Of course, the reactions are fucking hilarious, with the players caught off-guard before laughing it all off.

One player who really didn’t seem to enjoy the scare tactic was quarterback Cardale Jones, who, after becoming the darling of college football after going from third-string to national championship-winning starter, found that the mannequin is the only thing that can throw him off of his game.


For all you head coaches out there prepped to battle the Buckeyes this year, you may want to incorporate something like this to rattle Cardale, because it seems to be about the only thing that can actually take him to the ground.

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