Ohio State Football Players Pranked Again, Reminds Us That Big Dudes Get Scared, Too

I shared the video of a few Ohio State Buckeyes football players getting the shit scared out of them by an undercover mannequin last week, but it turns out that the reigning national champs aren’t done trying to get the blood flowing for the upcoming season—by using more scare tactics.

Getting someone to hide in a trash can and pop out as a few Bucks players walked by, tOSU sure does look like they’re having a good time on top of college football, don’t they?

While this is a good prank and all, I can’t help but think about the video of some dude getting freaked out the exact same way, with the prankster getting a little bit more than he bargained for—as in, a swift right hook to the fucking face.

Thankfully, no pranksters—or Buckeyes—were injured during the making of this video, with the aggression from the team reserved for the gridiron. Although, a few of them seemed like they were ready to either take a swing or cry for their mothers.

[H/T Bleacher Report]