OJ Simpson Makes Crass 9/11 Comment When Talking About Aaron Rodgers’ Injury

OJ Simpson shows the jury pair of gloves

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OJ Simpson is catching heat for something he said during his appearance on Cam’ron and Mase’s It Is What It Is podcast this week.

“Thank you to our football analyst OJ Simpson for joining us today,” Treasure Wilson said while introducing The Juice.

She then brought up Aaron Rodgers’ injury and the fact that he is out for the season.

“What are your thoughts?” she asked the group.

“The Jets are still gonna be good. They got that defense and that kid learned a lot from Aaron,” Simpson replied, referring to Zach Wilson.

It was at that point that The Juice dropped a very crass 9/11 comment.

“Unfortunately, 9/11 is just a bad day for New York, you know?” he added with a patented OJ chuckle.

“9/11 and a football injury are worlds apart on the scale of importance so using them in the same sentence not cool, but what I want to know is, if OJ is still looking for Nicole and Ron’s killer, and has he tried the mirror?” another person asked.

“Wait a minute, there’s a show that asks OJ to give his opinion on things?” someone else asked.

OJ would go on to say, “That’s the problem with not playing at all,” referring to Aaron Rodgers, “before you go out on the field.

“That wasn’t a bad tackle. You gotta get your body loose. You gotta get some contact. I always thought it was a mistake to not play at all in the pre-season.”

“You know, you throw the ball a couple of times in the last game, or second to last game, but you really gotta get hit. You gotta get hit a few times. Your body reacts differently the more you get hit.”

So there you go. If Aaron Rodgers had just gotten hit more in the pre-season then being attacked by a gigantic human being wouldn’t have resulted in him rupturing his Achilles tendon. So says OJ.

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