Bitter OKC Fans Are Really Sticking It To Kevin Durant By Giving His Restaurant Bad Yelp Reviews

I feel like all the internet has been good for the past few days is showcasing the ever growing population of bitter Kevin Durant fans. And, in general, people have been real creative. But then a couple of guys used assault rifles to light up a KD jersey and, honestly, I’m not sure how you top that. Which I guess a bunch of other former KD fans felt as well, since they stopped destroying his jersey and instead took to Yelp to pepper his restaurant, KD’s, with shitty reviews. Unfortunately, Yelp deletes nonsensically negative reviews. Fortunately, Eater saw the writing on the wall and screen grabbed the best of them for our viewing pleasure.

While I’m sure that KD isn’t losing much sleep over a few disgruntled fans throwing him under-four-star shade on Yelp, but it does continue to show the depths of people’s newfound hatred of KD. No word yet on whether or not he’ll franchise his restaurant in Oakland, but my money’s on probably not.

[h/t Busted Coverage, Eater]