These Angry OKC Fans Lighting Up A KD Jersey With Assault Rifles Have Pretty Much Changed My Opinions On Gun Control

As our sports bros have expertly covered the last two days, Kevin Durant has pretty much been doing his best to break the internet. Between the initial decision to leave OKC, the opinions and hot takes of analysts and the anger of OKC fans, not many people aren’t talking about KD.

But, since I’m just a blogger who settled for this life after TV producers unanimously denied my pitch for a Wipeout spin-off entitled Wipeout With Bears that would have featured contestants that were wild bears instead of humans, I’m more interested in how creative people are getting with their jersey burnings as opposed to actual trade semantics. Like these dudes, who doused a KD jersey and hat in lighter fluid before shooting it with assault weapons.

Ok, this hasn’t actually changed my opinions on gun control, but I’m glad we’ve reached a happy medium. If people have to have assault rifles, I’m pretty happy they’re at least giving me some solid Twitter content to retweet. All media need to live and die by the three C’s: Content, Content and Content. And you know what, if I have to swallow a couple of mass shootings here and there in order to get my doctor recommended dose of all three, then so be it. As long as people are out here lighting the jersey of their former favorite player on fire with the white hot detonation of bullets, I can look the other way.

[h/t Coed]