Oklahoma Football Broke Out The Malcom Kelly Freestyle Rap After Beating Florida In The Cotton Bowl

Oklahoma Football Cotton Bowl

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No. 7 Oklahoma football put a whooping on No. 8 Florida in the Cotton Bowl on Wednesday night. The Sooners went ahead 17-0 in the first quarter after three interceptions from Gators quarterback and Heisman Trophy candidate Kyle Trask and never looked back, going on to win 55-20. Senior running back Rhamondre Stevenson led the team with 18 carries for 186 yards and a touchdown alongside freshman quarterback Spencer Rattler’s 247 yards and three touchdowns on 14 completions. Head coach Lincoln Riley had his team fired up from the jump and defensive coordinator Alex Grinch put his opponents in a twist. It was a beat down.

Now, Florida’s top four receiving options and much of the defense were out due to COVID-19, injury or opt-out, but Trask looked lost and the answer for Oklahoma’s average of 11.4 yards per play was nonexistent. Things got ugly fast and Dan Mullen’s team was exposed in the first New Year’s Six bowl game of the 2020 season.

After the game, as the Sooners were waiting to receive the Cotton Bowl trophy, some of the players started to rap on stage. The rest of the team started to join in and it quickly became a thunderous chorus of the famous Malcom Kelly locker room freestyle.

The rap first made an appearance after the 2006 Big 12 Championship, when Kelly hauled in two touchdown passes in a 21-7 win over No. 19 Nebraska. Donning their championship hats after the game, Oklahoma players circled around their top receiver and hyped him up as he delivered an epic freestyle rap.

Lyrics shoutout his hometown, call out the Cornhuskers and give props to his teammates.

Boys is gettin’ quiet, gon’ and get crunk
Head back to Longview, Kelly poppin’ trunk
I ain’t even trippin’, ridin’ and I’m sippin’
Let me come through fo-fo’s steady tippin’
On that new ‘Lac, watch the trunk crank
Let me sit sideways, CB, run it back
Maybe AP, maybe AD
I ain’t even trippin’ ’cause we some athletes
Messin’ with Schmidt-y in the summertime
He get pissed if we don’t make our time
But we gon’ get it ’cause we gotta finish
Nebraska Cornhuskers, man, we diminished
‘Cause them boys little, paint like a Skittle
I ain’t even trippin, I ain’t never double dribble
‘Cause I’m a playa, from the Himalaya
Let me sit sideways, man
Maybe back door, maybe fall off
Sippin’ codeine ‘cause I gotta kill a cough
Let me sit sideways in the big Benz
OU boys, they my brothers, they my friends
Holla at Coach Sumlin, holla at the Stoops
Let me sit sideways in two-door coupe
‘Cause I’m sittin’ clean, fo’s on the lean
Look at my pants got a sag in my jeans
Let me sit sideways ’cause I’m steady comin’
PT throwing that ball and it’s hummin’
I’ma gon’ catch it, I’ma gon’ wretch it
Man, I’m sittin’ sideways, boy, showin’ naked

The rap has since taken on a life of its own and has become a proud part of Oklahoma’s culture. It made for an epic postgame celebration on Thursday.