I Don’t Understand Why This Old Flyers Fan Threw Her Bra On The Ice To Celebrate, But I Kinda Like It

by 3 years ago


It has been a longstanding tradition for fans in an arena at a hockey game to throw their hats onto the ice when a player records a hat trick. But some old Philadelphia Flyers fan may want to start a new ritual for female fans, because she tossed her bra over the boards during a game against the Calgary Flames earlier this week.

The lady, rumored to be Anne Duggan, has, apparently, been bringing her leopard-printed bra to Flyers games for the past three seasons just waiting to throw it onto the ice because, well, she’s fucking awesome.

Seeing as how the hat trick was the first by a Philly player at home since 2012, Duggan’s patience paid off, and now she’s my new favorite sports fan in the country.

I’m not crazy about an elderly lady doing this, but, who knows, maybe Ms. Duggan will be the architect of the greatest sports tradition ever.


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