I Defy You To Find Anyone More Excited About Lebron Returning To Cleveland Than This Dude

by 4 years ago

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Sometimes, you become so overwhelmed with emotion that words can’t possibly express what you’re feeling. Lebron returning to the Cavs is like a second-coming of Jesus for a lot of Ohioans, and as you might expect, people simply don’t know how to handle the news.

I’m sure it’s such an insane mix of emotions. It’s like your one true love, the one that got away, finally waking up one day and coming back to you and saying, “I’m ready to make a real go at this.” How would you react to such news?

For this gentleman, there was only one way he could react… DANCE. Dance like you’ve never danced before. Dance as if the entire state of Ohio was on your back. Dance like an NBA title just landed in your lap. Dance like you’ve had seven beers already and it’s not even eleven in the morning.

Go on with your bad self. Welcome back, Lebron.

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