Ole Miss Baseball Team Involved In Another Odd Cancellation To A Game They Were Losing

A baseball rests on the clay of a baseball diamond.


Another Ole Miss baseball game was cancelled on Tuesday in what’s becoming an odd trend for the team this season. This time, a midweek matchup with Southern Miss was called early due to poor field conditions.

The Rebels were trailing 2-1 in the fourth inning at the time of the ruling. College baseball fans have been quick to comment on the early dismissal on social media.

The cancellation came following a Southern Miss bunt in the top of the fourth frame. The Golden Eagles hitter reached base safely as the ball trickled harmlessly down the third base line.

While trying to retrieve that bunted baseball, the Ole Miss pitcher slipped on the sod at Trustmark Park, the home of the minor league’s Mississippi Braves.

Here’s a recap of the ruling from the Ole Miss athletics website.

Tuesday night’s baseball game between Ole Miss and Southern Miss at Trustmark Park was called in the bottom of the fourth due to unplayable sod conditions.

The umpires called the game for player safety after the several instances of sod being reset during the game.

The game will be ruled a no contest and will not be rescheduled for a later date.

There were reportedly multiple instances of the sod needing to be reset, which led to the final call from umpires to cancel the matchup in order to protect the players.

Fans were quick to react to the cancellation online.

While it doesn’t seem to be deliberate, the cancellations have become a theme of the Ole Miss baseball season. Earlier in the year, they saw a game called against Louisiana Tech due to weather conditions. The Rebels were losing in both instances.

College baseball personality Stephen Schoch said, “Ole Miss and finishing a midweek game go together like orange juice and tooth paste.”

Some noted that the game didn’t need much longer to be ruled official. By calling it in the fourth inning, it goes down as a no contest.

The game is not set to be rescheduled.