Ole Miss DOMINATES Jell-O Shot National Championship As Omaha Bar Makes (Not So) Small Fortune

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  • As the College World Series took place in Omaha this week, the Jell-O Shot National Championship was held across the street.
  • A local bar challenged participating fanbases to down as many Jell-O shots as possible over the course of the week.
  • Ole Miss fans not only won, but they did so by a massive margin.

Ole Miss baseball won a national championship on Sunday for the first time in program history. But it was not the only national title that the Rebels took home from Omaha.

Across the street from where the games were being played, the unofficially official Jell-O Shot National Championship was held at a local bar. Rocco’s Pizza & Cantina began the challenge a few years ago and it absolutely took off this summer.

The concept is simple— every school at the College World Series is put up on a white board. For every Jell-O shot that is purchased by one of the eight fanbases, that tally is added to their total. The school that downs the most Jell-O shots wins.

It quickly became a two-school race this year between Arkansas and Ole Miss. The Razorbacks got out to a hot start, but the Rebels quickly started to catch up as their team took the field in Omaha for the first time and the early numbers were insane.

Mississippi State fans set the all-time record last year at just short of 3,000 over the course of more than a week. That number was demolished by both fanbases in an astonishing amount of time this year.

From that point on, the Rocco’s Jell-O Shot Challenge went back-and-forth.

Both Arkansas and Ole Miss had multiple “Jell-O shot boosters” pony up thousands of dollars to increase their school’s total.

And then it became a blowout. On Thursday of last week, the Rebels baseball team eliminated the Razorbacks baseball team from the College World Series and the Hogs fans went home.

As Ole Miss went on to win the national championship, its fanbase only continued to grow. As did the number of Jell-O shots, and Lane Kiffin even used the ridiculous total as a recruiting tactic because Ole Miss never loses a party.

And they did not lose this one. On Sunday, as the Rebels took down Oklahoma to win the college baseball national championship, its fans closed out the Jell-O shot national championship across the street.

When Rocco’s ran out of Jell-O, Ole Miss had crushed 16,174 shots. That was just shy of 8,000 more than Arkansas’ second-place number.

After running out of Jell-O, Rocco’s started counting old school, normal shots. By the end of Sunday evening, the Rebels had surpassed 18,000.

And to close things out on Monday, here is the final tally:

However, we won’t count the additional shots for sake of this article. Ole Miss finished with 16,174 Jell-O shots, which comes out to a total of $72,783 from the Rebels alone.

In total, from just Jell-O shots, Rocco’s made $128,502. They plan to donate a portion of the proceeds.

As does the company who makes the shots.

Congratulations to Rocco’s, congratulations to SLRRRP, and congratulations to Ole Miss on not one, but two national titles on Sunday.