Ole Miss WR Mimics A Dog Raising Its Leg To Pee, Costs His Team A Chance To Tie The Egg Bowl With 4 Seconds Left Due To Excessive Celebration

ole miss player celebrates egg bowl

Getty Image / Jonathan Bachman

When Ole Miss and Mississippi State meet up for the Egg Bowl each year it usually means something wild is going to happen. Last year it was the fight towards the end of the game that was already over, but this year the Rebels had something even better up their sleeves.

After trailing 14-0 early on, Ole Miss clawed its way back into the contest and tied things up at 14-14 just before the half. Fast-forward to just over two minutes remaining in regulation, down seven, the Rebels had an opportunity to tie things up late in Starkville.

While John Rhys Plumlee played quarterback for the Rebels for the majority of the game, Ole Miss turned to Matt Corral, the better passer of the two, in the fourth quarter.

You would think when the redshirt freshman converted on a 4th and 24 on his own 14 yard line with 50 seconds left would be the most dramatic play of the night, but you’d be wrong. With four seconds left on the clock, Corral found Elijah Moore for a touchdown with four seconds left to make it a 21-20 State lead.

You would think that Ole Miss would simply trot out on the field and hit the extra point to send the game to overtime, but you’d be wrong, again.

Moore decided to mimic a dog raising his leg to pee and got hit with a 15-yard flag making an easy chip-shot extra point a 30+ yard attempt, which was, of course, missed because that’s just how these things work.

Some may even say the Egg Bowl ended in a golden shower. Ya know, since Moore decided to act like he was taking a piss on the field yet he all he was doing was figuratively taking a piss all over his own team?

Moore apparently didn’t address the team after his decision in the endzone, either.

For anyone that doesn’t keep up with Egg Bowl shenanigans, this dog taking a piss celebration isn’t something new. D.K. Metcalf was the founder of said celebration when he did it during the 2017 Egg Bowl. The difference here is that Ole Miss cruised to a win that night while Moore’s dog piss celebration cost his team a chance at overtime or even a win if the Rebels decided to go for two.

Metcalf was quick to jump on Twitter after the game and defend the celebration, but come on, Moore has to know the situation there. You simply can’t pull that type of celebration at that point of the game, you have to know that.

As I stated before, something wild happens in the Egg Bowl each and every year and this year’s contest certainly didn’t disappoint.