Olivia Dunne’s Black Mini Skirt Goes Viral On The Streets Of New York

Olivia Dunne

Gilbert Flores/Getty Image

Olivia Dunne, the 20-year-old gymnastics sensation from LSU, has set the streets of New York ablaze with her striking appearance.

Known for her incredible athleticism and a massive social media following, Dunne’s recent escapade going to the streets of Times Square in Manhattan.

With a staggering combined following of over 10 million followers on platforms like Instagram and TikTok, Olivia Dunne is a digital sensation in her own right.

The TikTok video, filmed amidst the bustling backdrop of Times Square, showcases Dunne twirling gracefully while a recorded sound-byte “What a night” sets the mood.

The post was captioned, “whataaaa night! #foryou #nyc,”

Behind the captivating visuals lies a financial success story as well.

Reports indicate that Olivia Dunne is making a substantial income, reportedly around $3.5 million annually, according to the NIL tracker by On3.

Dunne’s recent daring participation in the “I’m Thirsty” challenge added another layer to her online persona. In this challenge, she gamely sprawled on the ground in a bikini while a friend poured water over her.

Dunne also recently shared glimpses from her Sports Illustrated swimsuit shoot on TikTok, which her army of fans couldn’t get enough of.

Taking a step back from the glamour, Dunne’s dedication to her craft was also on display in a recent TikTok post that highlighted her incredible flexibility during an LSU gymnastics workout.

This further underscores her commitment to maintaining her athletic prowess even amidst her burgeoning online celebrity.