Olivia Dunne And Her Sister Julz Hit NYC In Funny New TikTok Videos

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Not many people realize that popular LSU gymnast Olivia Dunne is actually from Hillsdale, New Jersey.

Hillsdale is located in Bergen County just a few miles from the New Jersey-New York border and only 20 miles from Manhattan.

It was there and in Paramus, New Jersey that Livvy honed the gymnastics skills that led to her becoming the highest paid female athlete in college sports, based on name, image, likeness income.

After this weekend’s big win for the Tigers in the Podium Challenge vs. the University of Washington, the University of California-Berkeley and George Washington University in Baton Rouge, Olivia Dunne and her sister Julz headed back home for a visit.

By the way, Livvy scored a 9.80 and 9.85 on the uneven bars to help LSU squeak by Cal 197.700 to 197.675.

Naturally, because it’s what they do, Olivia and Julz Dunne chronicled their trip back to Jersey on social media.

“came back for a bagel,” Olivia wrote in the caption to some photos on Instagram.

Over on TikTok, Livvy joked about how awesome it feels to be “an elitist New York piece of s–t.”

@livvy feels awesome. #foryou #nyc ♬ original sound – Name A Woman

Livvy’s sister Julz Dunne (AKA the funny one), also posted a TikTok asking, “are you from New Jersey* even????”

@forgottensiblings @livvy ♬ original sound – Ladylaurelle

Olivia later commented on Julz’s video, “I do not have a big black puffer coat.”

@forgottensiblings Replying to @livvy ♬ original sound – Leone

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Of course, if you follow Julz Dunne on TikTok (which I highly recommend), she and her sister have an ongoing feud over Livvy constantly taking the window seat, much to Julz’s dismay.

@forgottensiblings @Olivia Dunne ♬ original sound – brooke

@forgottensiblings @livvy ♬ Rating – astuanta

This trip, however, Julz was somehow able to flip things around and made Olivia sit on the aisle.

@forgottensiblings @livvy ♬ My Superhero Movie  – Jacob Jeffries

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