Olivia Dunne’s Sister Also Stars On TikTok With Her Hilarious ‘Forgotten Siblings’ Videos

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It turns out that Olivia Dunne isn’t the only TikTok star at LSU. She also isn’t the only TikTok star in her own family.

Her older sister Julz Dunne also attends LSU and also has a very popular TikTok account of her own with almost 400,0o0 followers.

“Hey…what’s up…I’m Julz,” she writes on her website (yes, she also has her own website). “Many of you may know me as THE forgotten sibling or the girl who wakes up in jeans, but I can assure you, I have many redeeming qualities. I love having a good time and try to live every moment to its fullest! I go to Louisiana State University where I study kinesiology during the day and get rowdy during the night! You can see the results of these crazy nights and my day to day life on my personal TikTok, @julzdunne17, or my Instagram @julzdunne. 

“My family and friends mean the world to me, especially my little sister, Livvy. As the good older sister I am, I have to fulfill my duty in embarrassing my younger sibling. If you want to see Livvy exposed or relatable sibling content, definitely hit up @forgottensiblings on TikTok and Instagram! Join the fam and know that you’ll never be forgotten here! You don’t have to do something special to be someone special!”

Julz isn’t kidding about fulfilling her duty to embarrass her little sister Olivia. Check out these funny examples…

@forgottensiblings @livvy ♬ original sound – deffonotcami

@forgottensiblings @livvy ♬ Mossbot on Spotify – Mossbot

Despite often embarrassing her, Olivia appears to be more than happy to participate in the fun now and then.

“Forgotten Siblings is an inside look on my life with Livvy and the jokes that come along with being her sister,” Julz Dunne writes on her website. “I love to expose her as the goofy little sister she is and show a side most people never get to see but I see everyday. I also explore the comedy behind the sibling dynamic and relationship with family. So next time you feel like you’re living in your sibling’s shadow, come on over and join the forgotten fam, where you’ll never be overlooked.”

@forgottensiblings @livvy disappointment under the tree #merrychristmas ♬ original sound – Yasssssss 🔥

@forgottensiblings @livvy ♬ original sound – $

All in all, they do seem to get along pretty good, which is nice.

@forgottensiblings @livvy ♬ agony – –

@forgottensiblings @livvy ♬ original sound – princessazula0

Honestly, Julz Dunne’s TikTok account is actually better then Olivia’s.

@forgottensiblings @livvy ♬ Follow handsomeman.6000 – aragveli

@forgottensiblings @livvy ♬ Major Bag Alert – Damickey Lillard

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