Haitian Olympic Hurdler Trips And Tumbles Flat On His Face On The FIRST HURDLE Is Your #Olympics Clip Of The Day

29-year-old Haitian hurdler Jeffrey Julmis’ Olympic dreams of glory were cut short on Tuesday after he tripped and tumbled over the first hurdle during his 110-meter semi-final.

Real fuckin’ bummer, to have the moment you’ve been training for years upon years go up in smoke within seconds. Not that I can do any better by any stretch of the imagination, but you’d think a guy who made it to the semi-final would at least make it to the second hurdle, maybe even the third if we’re DREAMING BIG here.

Jamaica’s Omar Mcleod managed to come in first, completing the 110 meters in 13.15 seconds with Pascal Martinot-Lagarde coming in second with a time of 13.25 seconds.

Better luck next time, Jeffrey.

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