This Is One of Alex Ovechkin’s Greatest Goals, Which Is Saying a Lot

by 4 years ago

I've been following the team for near 25 years. And of course, followed all of Alex Ovechkin's career. I've seen prett much all of his over 400 goals (via highlights, I don't watch every game). And this one, presented in GIF form by the superb blog Russian Machine Never Breaks is up there. The hand-eye coordination is what makes it for me. Watch as Ovi juggles a puck in mid-air, from behind the net, to put it in the goal  .

The reverse angle is just as good. It also started the Caps on their way to a 5-0 win. 

And in cause you were wondering what my favorite Alex Ovechkin goal ever is, it's this one (at the 30 second mark).

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