One Receiver Is Trying To Prove The Green Bay Packers Can Trust Him


Getty Image / Amy Lemus

The Green Bay Packers have gone through a ton of changes on offense this offseason. They traded away Davante Adams and brought in Sammy Watkins, Christian Watkins, and Romeo Doubs to try and fill the void that the trade left.

While those new faces will all be trying to lock down a starting spot, the Packers trying to replace Adams with an oft-injured veteran and two rookies leaves room for players already on their roster to try and carve out a role for themselves.

One receiver in particular is trying to just that. Amari Rodgers is looking to expand on his role in last year’s Packers offense that saw him catch just 4 passes on 8 targets.

Rodgers spoke with Knox News’ Alberto Camargo about what he’s trying to prove to the Packers this offseason to carve out a bigger role for himself.

“The room is wide open. I’m showing that I can play any position and that I know the playbook and [coaches] can trust me, no matter what situation.”

The Packers spent a 3rd round pick on Rodgers just last year, so they will surely give him every chance to earn himself a spot in their lineup with so little settled in their receiver room.

However, the key won’t be getting the coaches to trust him. It all comes down to whether or not he can get Aaron Rodgers to trust him. It isn’t easy for receivers to gain the trust of the Packers’ quarterback, but he will lean heavily on the receivers he does trust.

If Amari Rodgers can gain that trust, he could be headed for a breakout 2022 season.