The Oregon Ducks Football Team Just Teased Us With Glow-In-The-Dark Jerseys, Might Be The Sickest Things Ever

In addition to their more than solid football teams over the past 20-plus years or so, the Oregon Ducks have had a penchant for creating some of the most amazing uniform combos, giving us a number throughout the years that have left us mind fucked.

Their latest ones, though, well, they may just take the cake—because they fucking glow-in-the-dark.

Yeah, you read that right. The Ducks have found the line of what’s “appropriate” for football uniforms and just leaped over it with a trampoline-like jump, leaving every other football team to admire how dope these things are.

// school’s official athletics department account tweeted a preview of the lit-up uni’s on Monday, but, as of right now, all this is is a bunch of speculation, because we’re not sure if they’ll ever find the field.

Obviously, we can all only hope so, as it’d be an unprecedented move that would have to be intimidating as hell for an opposing team.

In other glow-in-the-dark related news, the team who beat the Ducks in last season’s national title game, the Ohio State Buckeyes, released a pair of kicks that also light up when the light’s go down in the city, meaning Nike is clearly entering uncharted territory with some of the biggest athletics programs in the country.

Fuck, bros, what will they think of next?

[H/T Bleacher Report]

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