Oregon Ducks Defensive Lineman Squatting 635-Pounds Is Straight Up Insanity

We are 37 days away from the first College Football game of the season (August 26th). Athletic conferences around the nation are holding their official ‘Media Days’ at the moment. SEC and ACC Media Days were last week, others are next week. These are all just distractions keep our attention until the first kickoff 37 days from now.

While us fans are left out in the sweltering Summer heat waiting for College Football to return, the players are in the gym and on the Practice Field working their asses off right now. There’s always some dust that needs to be shaken off when the season starts. No team is ever in Conference Championship Form on Day 1, not even FSU or Alabama. But that doesn’t mean the individual players aren’t as tuned up as they’ve ever been.

Above, defensive lineman Henry Mondeaux of the Oregon Ducks is squatting 635-pounds. A team-high in practice that day. Henry’s expected to have a big year after recording 3 solo tackles, 1 sack, and 1 tackle for loss in Oregon’s Spring Game. During the 2016 season, Henry Mondeaxu was named Oregon’s Most Outstanding Defensive Lineman and he started all 12 games for the Ducks. If Henry stays healthy, and continues to put up weight like that, he’s going to be a wrecking force on the field this year.