Boise State Accidentally Leaked Oregon State’s New Uniforms In College Football 25 Hype Video

Oregon State Football New Uniforms Leak
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Oregon State is expected to roll out new uniforms for the 2024 college football season. However, neither the university nor its athletic department have provided any tangible information about the updated look and the potential changes have been kept entirely under wraps.

Boise State might’ve spoiled the surprise!

With the Pac-12 as we knew it now dead and gone, Oregon State is going to play a Mountain West schedule this fall. The Broncos will host the Beavers on the Smurf turf in Idaho to conclude the regular season on Nov. 29. It is It will be their 11th meeting of all-time.

Fortunately, fans don’t need to wait that long to scratch their itch! EA Sports is going to release its long-awaited College Football 25 video game on July 16. And with the drop less than 10 days away, Boise State posted a hype video to social media on Tuesday.

In doing so, it might’ve leaked Oregon State’s new uniforms…

The Beavers are confirmed to be making minor changes to their jerseys and helmets.

Here is how they looked last year:

Oregon State Football Uniforms New Leak
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Here is how they look in College Football 25:

Oregon State New College Football Uniforms
EA Sports College Football 25 / Boise State Athletics

Oregon State changed its uniforms.

The differences are very subtle, but they exist!

First and foremost, the color of the jersey is slightly different. It used to be more of a cream color, with a hint of grey. Now it is a pure white.

Secondly, the orange helmet stripe no longer exists. The lids are now solid black.

And then there’s the jersey and pants striping. Oregon State used to have primarily black stripes on their shoulders with a thin orange stripe down the middle. Now they are primarily orange with a touch of black on the outside.

The stripe on the black pants followed a similar pattern.

A primarily orange stripe was split down the middle. It didn’t run the length of the full leg.

Oregon State Football Uniforms
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Now it is essentially the inverse. The stripe runs the full length of the leg with white on the outside and orange in between.

Oregon State Football Pants
EA Sports College Football 25 / Boise State Athletics

Boise State definitely didn’t mean to leak the new look. Maybe it didn’t.

We don’t know for sure but the math certainly adds up!