Oregon Will Honor Their Old ‘Webfoots’ Nickname With These Uniforms, Which Are BLUE AND GOLD?!?

Oregon has worn a lot of crazy uniforms over the years. They are the belle of Phil Knight’s ball and the Nike founder definitely plays favorites when it comes to making college football uniforms. After all, Oregon is his alma mater so it’s fitting that they have roughly 78,254 uniform combinations to choose from. But this latest uniform, which honors the team’s abandoned ‘Webfoots” moniker and the 100th anniversary of their first Rose Bowl appearance has to be their most unique. That’s primarily because instead of being green and yellow, it’s navy blue and gold.

I can’t decide if this is more Notre Dame or West Virginia.

According to Nike:

In 1916, the University of Oregon football team went undefeated and claimed its first Rose Bowl victory. In celebration, the school will add a new “Webfoots” look, complete with blue jerseys and gold pants, to its uniform collection.

The throwback aesthetic draws inspiration from the school’s original nickname, derived from the group of Massachusetts fisherman whose decedents settled in Oregon’s Willamette Valley in the 19th century.

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