Orlando Bros Rent Out Typhoon Lagoon Wave Pool, Throw Epic Surfing Bachelor Party


Some bros down in Orlando recently threw their buddy the best surfing bachelor party ever by renting out the wave pool at Typhoon Lagoon for 100 waves.

A Redditor posted this gallery with some info regarding the actual procedure involved in getting this together, and I’m pretty blown away at how reasonable it is to rent out the entire damn wave pool (relatively speaking):

It’s actually a pretty damn good deal if you bring enough people. It’s 1400 bucks for 100 waves. That lasted us like 3 hours, I think we got an extra 15 or so for being a “good crowd”. You can choose whether you want lefts, rights, or A-frames in sets of 25 waves. At first we thought rights would be a no-brainer, but trust me the A-frames are where it’s at. You can have 2 people per wave and it’s almost as long of a ride as the rights were anyways. We did 25 rights and 80 or 90 A-Frames.

So ~$14 per wave before you get the freebies, AND you get to choose the direction you want? Sounds like a pretty damn good deal to me. And here are the pics to top it off:

Best surfing bachelor party ever? Maybe not, but when you think about the traveling expenses (flight, luggage/board fees, hotels) typically required for some bros from Florida to get together a surfing trip, $1400 is pretty damn reasonable.

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