Thanks To The Miracle Of GoPro You Can Now Know What It’s Like To Be A Surfing Dog



I’m convinced that the GoPro was invented solely for this purpose: a POV view of a surfing dog. What better use could there possibly be?

TIME has the story:

These dogs aren’t just fluffy and cute. They’ve got skills on the water too. GoPro strapped their cameras to dogs participating in the Hellen Woodward Animal Foundation’s annual Surf Dog Surf-A-Thon in Del Mar, California, on September 7. As the dogs dipped in and out of waves on surfboards, the cameras captured the ride from their perspectives.

What a hell of a world we’re living in, amirite? Dogs, wearing frickin’ cameras on their heads, surfing on surfboards. We’re amidst a Golden Age here folks, soak it in before it passes by. We’re no longer asking ourselves ‘can we get POV footage of a dog surfing’ and we’ve moved on to the bigger questions of ‘should we get POV footage of a dog surfing?’

I won’t be answering that question here, but I’ll let you give any feedback you want down in the comments. And if you want more weird content like this you can follow me on TWITTER HERE, and if you come across anything you think would be a good post here on BroBible you can tweet it at me there!


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