Packers CEO Sounds Hilariously THROUGH With Talking About Aaron Rodgers

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The Aaron Rodgers-to-the-New-York-Jets saga has been unfolding for the entire year, and based on recent reports, it could continue for another few months.

With the Jets and Green Bay reportedly at a standstill in trade negotiations, Aaron Rodgers could remain a member of the Packers until the draft in late April, if not later.

Given how long Rodgers’ exit from Green Bay has been dragged out, it should perhaps come as no surprise that Packers CEO Mark Murphy sounds absolutely done with talking about Rodgers, at least based on his most recent comments.

“Yeah and you know, we’ve got no other news really going on,” Murphy jokingly said. “I would love to tell you everything you want to know about Aaron Rodgers and the Jets but I’m sworn to secrecy not to say anything.” [via Fox 11]

Speaking on The Pat McAfee Show last week, Rodgers claimed that he wasn’t the one holding up a potential deal between the two franchises, as he has formally let the Packers know that he would like to be traded to the Jets, who are seeking their first Super Bowl win since 1969. According to reports, the Packers want “at least a first-round pick and more” in exchange for the 39-year-old four-time MVP.

Since Rodgers confirmed his “intention” to play for the New York Jets next season, the perennially moribund franchise — which hasn’t made the playoffs since 2010, good for the longest postseason drought in the league —  saw its odds to win the Super Bowl skyrocket.

At this time, the Jets — with Super Bowl betting odds of about +1400 — trail only the Kansas City Chiefs, San Francisco 49ers, Philadelphia Eagles, Buffalo Bills (one of their AFC East rivals), and Cincinnati Bengals when it comes to next season’s title odds.

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