Packers Fan Demonstrates How Impossible It Is To Get Season Tickets With One Sad Tweet

by 2 years ago

After week one, the sparse attendance at some NFL stadiums prompted NFL spokesman Joe Lockhart to express his concern. The attendance issue is real, especially for teams like the 49ers, who inexplicably moved 40 miles from its old stadium to Santa Clara. You sprinkle inconvenience in with a dogshit team, egregious concession prices, and a sport whose strength isn’t its spectator experience, this is your result:

And then there is the other end of the spectrum. Take Green Bay, for example. It is the smallest city in professional sports by far, its stadium now has the third-largest seating capacity in the NFL. Lambeau Field has been sold out on a season ticket basis since 1960 and they’ve been accumulating names on their season ticket waiting list ever since.

One fan found out first-hand just how soul-crushing the process is.

Poor bastard moved from 50,101th place to 49,541th. I’ve seen DMV lines move faster than that.

Dave has a better chance of Andy Reid competing in a triathlon than sniffing out season tickets in his lifetime. Exhibit B:

Don’t fret bro, you can always move to L.A. and become a Rams fan.

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