MMA Fighter Pukes His Guts Out In The Cage After His Fight, And He Was The WINNER



While Conor McGregor was busy making history at UFC 205, one of his “rivals” Paddy “The Baddy” Pimblett was also fighting this weekend and making his own sort of history.

Pimblett, the featherweight champion for Cage Warriors, has often insisted that he is a better fighter than Conor McGregor. He has even placed a bet that he will defeat McGregor before the year 2020, should he, you know, actually make it to the UFC.

On Saturday, Pimblett, 21, won a controversial decision over Julian Erosa at Cage Warriors: Unplugged, but it was what happened after the fight that had everyone talking when he puked his guts out.

During the post-fight interview it appeared that Pimblett had puked up blood in the cage, with the interviewer signalling for medical attention. Turns out, according to Paddy, it wasn’t blood, just hot chocolate and Ferraro Rocher, as if that makes it any less gross.

So there’s your backstory, now here’s what you all came here for. Do I even need to mention that this might turn your stomach? Alrighty then…

And because why the hell not, here’s another angle…


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