WWE Diva Paige’s Mom Has Weighed In On Her Daughter’s Sex Tapes Being Stolen And Leaked Online

paige mom sex tapes stolen leaked

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As you are probably well aware by now, WWE star Paige was the victim of a hack and had personal photos and videos leaked online including several sex tapes.

She is among a large number of victims in what has been dubbed by some “The Fappening 2.0.”

WWE wrestler Xavier Woods, real name Austin Creed, who appeared to be one of the participants in a video responded to the leak with a since deleted tweet where he said, “It was a little chilly that night.” Woods also made light of the tape when he appeared as the co-host of the SXSW Gaming Awards on Saturday.

Another WWE wrestler, Summer Rae, was also purportedly a victim of this hack, but she denied that the photos are her.

For her part, Paige did issue a response to the leak on Twitter…


Paige, real name Saraya-Jade Bevis, also tweeted a link to Rag’n’Bone Man’s song “Human.”


So we’ve heard from pretty much everyone involved except for wrestler Brad Maddox, who also appeared in the tapes.

Well, everyone except for Paige’s feisty mom, Saraya Knight, who will be featured in an upcoming movie produced by The Rock on her and her wrestling family.

Until now…



Knight also tweeted, and has since deleted, that she has been in contact with a lawyer.

The Hacker News had previously reported on these incidents…

There is yet no information on the source of the leaks or how the personal photos of celebrities were obtained, but the anonymous hackers are claiming that these leaks are just the tip of an iceberg and they’re about to release the next batch of celebrities to get their photos leaked.

For what it’s worth, and we’ll see how the WWE reacts to this whole situation especially since Paige has been out of action for several months and reportedly has not been getting along with top brass, she appears to have major support from the WWE Universe…





Of course, not everyone was supportive with many jokes being tossed around. All of them in poor taste, but unfortunately when people get behind a keyboard they think they can do and say anything they want, regardless of the person’s feelings on the other end.