Two-Time Divas Champion And Big-Time Fan Favorite Paige Is Rumored To Have Just Quit WWE

One of the biggest and most popular named in the WWE Women’s Division, 24-year-old Paige, is rumored to have quit the WWE.

The two-time Divas Champion and first NXT Women’s Champion is currently serving a 30-day suspension for violating the WWE’s Wellnesss Policy.

Her real-life boyfriend Alberto Del Rio, who was also serving a similar 30-day suspension, announced earlier today the he was leaving the WWE effective immediately. So there is that to add to the mix when considering the rumor of her quitting.

Another factor to consider in all of this is the fact that when WWE decided to split up their roster into those who work on RAW and those who work on Smackdown Live, Del Rio and Paige were separated. That meant they would be traveling completely different circuits. One might guess that the couple didn’t appreciate being split up. Especially since the COO of the company they work for pretty much got his job by banging the boss’ daughter.

Also of note, the normally very social media-friendly Paige has been notably absent as she hasn’t posted anything to Twitter or Instagram in over a week.

So this report by MMA and sometime WWE insider Front Row Brian, who has broken numerous stories in the past (including Jon Jones’ hit-and-run), might actually have some credence to it.

It’d be a major bummer if Paige does leave the WWE, but based on all of the above craziness it wouldn’t come as even a little bit of a shock if it happened.

H/T WrestleZone

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