Paige Spiranac Heads Back To The Bedroom To Share 5 Pieces Of Advice Now That She’s Turned 30

In case you missed it, popular golf influencer Paige Spiranac turned 30-years-old the other day. She celebrated her big day by sharing another excellent photo wearing a Baywatch-style bathing suit, on her Instagram account.

On Thursday, still talking about her 30th birthday, Paige headed back to her favorite filming spot, her bedroom, to share five things she has learned in her first 30 years on this planet.

“This is the most confident and sexy and fearless that I’ve ever felt in my entire life,” Paige starting out talking about turning 30-years-old.

She added that women past the age of 25 get talked about like they are “expired milk.”

“I’m not expired milk. I’m wine and I just keep getting better and better and better as the years go on,” Spiranac said.

Then, while admitting that she is “a baby in the grand scheme of life,” Paige Spiranac went on to share her five pieces of advice she has learned so far at the age of 30.

“Number one, it’s okay to not know what you’re doing with your life,” she began, adding, “If there isn’t a clear path for you, make your own path, build your own career.”

Paige Spiranac then claimed that she invented the role of “golf influencer.”

“Number two is quality over quantity when it comes to friends,” Spiranac continued.

She says it is “so important to have friends who can keep you humble and to question you and to always push you to be a better person.”

“Number three: stop complaining,” she said next, then added, “Spending less time complaining and more time being proactive and really thinking through how can I make my life better has made me a much happier person.”

“Number four: it is okay to fail,” Paige Spiranac continued, moving on to the next thing she has learned in life.

“Every time that I have failed has been the biggest stepping stone in my life,” she explained. “Every mistake that I’ve made I have grown and I’ve learned from it and it’s been the biggest catalyst within my career.”

“Number five: life should be fun, relationships should be fun, work should be fun, everything in your life should be fun,” Spiranac advised.

“I’m always pushing myself and at the core of it is just fun and being excited and you can make that change and you can cater your life around what makes you happy,” she continued.

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