Paige Spiranac Shows What Happens When She Doesn’t Wear A Golf Polo In Spicy New TikTok

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Popular golf influencer Paige Spiranac was back on the TikTok track recently with a new video she described as “What dress code?”

Paige has been very outspoken about golfers and woman in general being allowed to wear whatever they want to wear, within reason, on a golf course.

This has been her stance dating back to 2017 when she wrote an op-ed for Forbes decrying the LPGA’s then-new dress code policy.

So, in pure Paige Spiranac fashion, her latest TikTok features her by a golf simulator, flipping her hair with the caption, “When I don’t wear a golf polo” with the lyrics, “all eyes on me” by Taylor Swift playing in the background.


What dress code?

♬ Speak Now – Taylor Swift

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Paige Spiranac also explained something else that is probably a little more important to her fans than why she doesn’t wear golf polos.

On the most recent episode of her podcast, Playing A Round With Paige, Paige talked about her subscription website,, and why no one, including her subscribers, will ever see her nude.

“There’s been some little rumblings in the golf industry about OnlyPaige,” she shared. “You know, on there I don’t do nudity. I have expressed multiple times that I will never do nudity. And people still think I’m ‘going in a direction’ that’s you know, not suitable.

Spiranac added, “It doesn’t add up to me.”

She also claimed that she doesn’t do what she does for the money. Paige claims she does it to show that “a woman can be sexy, she can be smart, she can be talented, she can be all of these things, and what you wear doesn’t define who she is.”

Paige Spiranac says she is just advocating for women to be themselves without unfair judgement.

“I think some people get confused because it is OnlyPaige and it was a cheeky name to make fun of OnlyFans, because I get asked to do OnlyFans all the time by people and so, I wanted it to be very tongue-in-cheek,” Spiranac explained. “There is no nudity, and that’s on purpose.”

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