Paige Spiranac Goes Viral Shotgunning A Beer On The Golf Course, With Mixed Results

paige spiranac throws out first pitch brewers game

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Popular golf influencer Paige Spiranac went viral again on Twitter, but this time it was for doing something we have never seen her do before.

Adding to her ever-growing portfolio of endorsement deals, Paige recently teamed up for an event with Garage Beer where they offered a chance to win free beer for life.

Along with the video, posted Wednesday evening and already at over 319,000 views, Spiranac wrote, “Great day with @drinkgaragebeer! Rate my shotgun technique.”

In it we see Paige Spiranac surrounded by a handful of other golfers (all male) attempting with varying degrees of success to shotgun beer from a can.

It wasn’t exactly a shining moment in the history of shotgunning beers, so the reactions to the video were naturally, very mixed.

“0/10. You don’t drop down to the beer. You bring the beer up to you or you’re just drinking a sideways beer looking like Quasimodo,” another viewer commented.

“Oooo! That was not good!” someone else tweeted.

As always, Paige Spiranac wasn’t just busy glad-handing her sponsors and blowing up with videos on Twitter. She a full service influencer, constantly posting on all of the major social media channels including TikTok and Instagram.

As such, she also recently posted a new video to her YouTube channel.

In that video, Paige addressed how strategies differ between a pro golfer and an amateur.

“You might think you play like a professional golfer, but do you?” Spiranac wrote in the video’s description.

“There are hundreds of different assessments, choices, and strategies pro golfers go through on each hole that amateur golfers usually don’t even consider.

“Here are some of the top mistakes I see amateurs make in their course strategy, and how it compares to how a professional golfer would play the hole!”

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