Expert Chugger Stone Cold Steve Austin Rates The Beer Chugging Skills Of Baker Mayfield, Aaron Rodgers, And More

Stone Cold Steve Austin WWE

Getty Image / Moses Robinson

Stone Cold Steve Austin is synonymous with chugging beers. He’d smash those cans together and go vertical in the ring and the crowd would GO WILD during the Golden Age of the WWE.

Steve Austin is great at chugging beer. There’s no disputing this. Even if he often wasted A LOT of the beer that was intended for chugging he’s still damn good at it. And I’d reckon that if he wanted to take down the entire beer without losing 25% to foamy spray he’d still be really damn good at chugging that beer.

Stone Cold was a guest on ESPN’s Get Up yesterday and the WWE Hall of Famer was asked for his thoughts on other athletes chugging beers. There has been a recent rise in popularity of pro athletes chugging beer from Aaron Rodgers embarrassing himself to Baker Mayfield going vertical and spurring on a 5-run Cleveland Indians comeback.

Here, Stone Cold gives his thoughts on each of these high-profile pro athletes chugging beer. There’s another clip below where Stone Cold gives his thoughts on Baker Mayfield’s charisma.

Here’s that second clip where Stone Cold Steve Austin talks about Baker Mayfield’s confidence:

Just in case you’re a reader and not a watcher, here’s a transcript of the portion where Stone Cold Steve Austin pays Baker Mayfield some nice compliments:

“Confident kid, very composed. He’s 24 years old. When I look back at some of the things that I was doing, saying, thinking when I was 24, he’s way more advanced than I am. He’s the leader of that franchise. That rallies behind him, they love him. His energy, his charisma, the way he comes off, that level of confidence … He’s never been Plan A. He always had to work. When someone went down, he stepped in, and no one can knock him off. So, I think the world of him.”

Stone Cold was born in Austin, Texas and lives in Marina Del Ray, California so I’m kind of curious as to why he’s being asked for his thoughts on the Cleveland Browns’ quarterback but I guess it’s not something worth dwelling on because Baker is the talk of the NFL right now, as are the Browns.

Steve Austin showed up last month on the WWE’s Raw Reunion (clip above) where he raised a toast alongside Hulk Hogan, Triple H, Ric Flair, and other WWE greats. It’s unclear if we’ll see more of him on camera in the coming days but it is interesting that he’s made two very public appearances in less than a few weeks.

(h/t Bleacher Report)