Paige Spiranac Lights TikTok On Fire With New Innuendo-Laden Viral Video

paige spiranac in a dress on red carpet

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Having pretty much conquered every other social media platform, popular golf influencer Paige Spiranac appears to have decided to shift her focus over to TikTok.

At least that was the case this week as she shared six new TikTok videos in rapid fire succession after posting just three times on the platform since around Thanksgiving.

That’s a whole lot of activity for her on TikTok. Should I share all of the videos? What’s that? I should? Okay, here we go.

In order of highest to lowest number of views (so far), we’ve got Paige Spiranac answering a fan question: “How do you like it groomed?”

Naturally, Paige assumes that this fan is talking about grass on a golf course.

“From a female perspective, I like it nice and tight,” she reveals while feeling the grass on a fairway. “Nice short fairway cut.”

Moving to just off the fairway, Spiranac continues, “Because when you have the rough, it’s too long, it’s thick, it’s hard to find your balls.

“But if I’m feeling really frisky,” she then says, walking over to a green. “Nothing is better than a nice, tight cut green.”


Answering those hard hitting questions

♬ original sound – Paige Spiranac

The comments section on that video are a wild ride.

Next up, we have a reaction video where Paige mocks those guys who see her come up to the first tee thinking she can’t play.


Just golf girly things

♬ I bet Ava saw this – nataliejanesings

Spiranac jokes in the next video about how her mom reacts when records her swings for social media posts.


Love my mom

♬ original sound – Jake Kroll

By the way, did you know that Spiranac’s mom, according to Paige, was a model and did lingerie and bikini shoots? Because she did.

My dad was dating my mom while she was working and they see it as work. So when I got into it, it was never an issue. My mom is highly involved in my content, she shoots a lot of my pictures, she shot my calendar,” she said.

“It’s never really been anything that’s seen as being bad, it’s a business and they’re proud of me for being financially independent and building a successful business.”

Okay, we’re getting off track. Back to the TikTok videos.

The next video is just some highlights of Spiranac hitting shots with the words “My girl plays golf” superimposed over the clips.


♬ sonido original – KONNER

Paige then jumps on the trend of posting a video with Miley Cyrus’ new song “Flowers” while spinning around in a chair, finally showing us something other than her bedroom.


♬ Flowers – Miley Cyrus

And finally, in a TikTok video posted just an hour ago, Paige Spiranac plays the “Pass or Smash” game.

“Me after doing a bikini try on video,” she writes in the description.


Me after doing a bikini try on video

♬ Pass or Smash – 💜The Simple Touches💜

The comments section on that video is pretty lit as well.

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