Paige Spiranac Lights Twitter On Fire With Special ‘US Open’ Bikini

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Are you fired up for the start of the US Open this week? Popular golf influencer Paige Spiranac certainly is.

Spiranac is so excited, in fact, that she broke out a very special stars and stripes “US Open” bikini to celebrate this week’s tournament.

“US Open week! Thought this was a perfect picture to honor the week lol,” Paige wrote on Twitter alongside the photo of her in the bikini and white cowboy boots, “but I know you care more about LACC, the data and the picks for the week.”

As always, the comments were their own form of entertainment with Spiranac replying to several of them.

“Clearly, most people follow your account for the golf insight and data analysis,” one fan tweeted at Paige.

“Clearly,” she replied.

“That’s a bit on the skimpy side don’t you think?” another fan asked Spiranac.

“Could be smaller tbh,” Paige replied.

Speaking of which, despite her plethora of instructional videos, videos of her hitting balls on golf courses all over the world, and her credentials as a Division 1 golfer and former pro, there are still plenty of people out there who think that she sucks at golf simply because of how she dresses.

Naturally, as she often does, Paige Spiranac clapped back at the haters by calling them out on social media.

This time she did it on TikTok.

“You’re not even that good at golf,” she wrote in a caption on the video with the description, “Play me straight up then.”

@_paige.renee Play me straight up then. #golf #golfswing #scratch ♬ can I talk my shhh again – Luke

“My guess is ‘crickets’ from this hater about playing straight up!” one TikTok viewer commented on the video. “I appreciate how you call em out.”

“Paige, the troll master,” another wrote.

Just for kicks, here’s what Paige posted last year before the US Open on TikTok.

@_paige.reneeOpen week!

♬ Vegas (From the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack ELVIS)

Pretty good.

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