Paige Spiranac Shares ‘Distracting’ New TikTok Showing How To Hit A ‘Flop Shot’

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As she often does on her many social media channels, Paige Spiranac shared another golf tutorial video with her many, many fans on Tuesday.

In the past, the popular golf influencer has shared instructional videos on things like her 30 minute golf practice routine and lessons on how to hit the ball farther.

Today, Paige shared her tips on how to hit a flop shot.

According to Golf Guidebook, “A flop shot makes the ball go very high, very quickly and puts a spin on it, so it can land softly on the green.”

“Here’s how to hit that showstopper flop shot,” Paige Spiranac begins her latest TikTok video. “What you’re going to do is open the club face, open the stance, ball forward of center, have your shaft backwards, turn around your front leg, throw as hard as possible and have some speed through it and trust it.”

Spiranac then demonstrates by lofting a shot very high, almost straight up, then sticking the ball right near the pin.

@_paige.renee How to hit the flop shot! #golf #golfinstruction ♬ original sound – Paige Spiranac

As one might expect after watching Paige Spiranac’s flop shot demonstration, there were some comments.

“Wait, I wasn’t paying attention…there were distractions,” one fan wrote

“Ok. Watched 5 TIMES. LEARNED ZERO,” another fan commented. “5 MORE AND I’M OUT.”

“Was she talking about golf?” asked another.

“I don’t play golf but love these tips,” wrote another viewer.

“Definitely taking up golfing now,” someone else stated.

Perhaps, just perhaps, all of the distractions viewers claimed to have had while watching Paige Spiranac’s latest golf tutorial had something to do with this…

@_paige.renee #golf ♬ original sound – jersey shore + more.

Also, in case anyone was wondering what kind of golf resume Paige has, she shared another TikTok video to make it very clear.


Get to know me

♬ Brass Monkey – Beastie Boys

I mean, really, how many other people can say they hit a hole-in-one and then got hugged by nine-time major championship winner Gary Player?

@_paige.renee Replying to @Mikael SJ Jordan ♬ original sound – Paige Spiranac

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