Popular Golf Influencer Paige Spiranac Returns To YouTube With A New Instructional Video

paige spiranac hits a bunker shot 30 minute practice routine

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As we mentioned yesterday while discussing Paige Spiranac posting a pair of TikTok videos showing off a couple of her unique golf outfits, she is everywhere you look when it comes to social media.

Between creating content for her own subscription website and her millions of fans on Instagram and Twitter, Paige Spiranac has enough juice now to start making inroads into other social media platforms like TikTok and YouTube.

While she’s been on fire since the beginning of the year on TikTok, her YouTube channel has yet to really get the kind of traction her Instagram and Twitter accounts have generated.

However, being the savvy businesswoman that she is and with all of the new content she’s been cranking out for her pay site, she certainly hasn’t given up on it. In fact, with almost 330,000 YouTube subscribers now, she’s building the channel up like never before.

The popular golf influencer’s latest YouTube effort sees her back on the course with another one of her patented instructional videos.

This time around Paige shares her 30 minute golf practice routine for people who want to get better at the game, but don’t have much free time.

Paige says that for her golf practice sessions she always starts out with the short game.

“Short game is the most important part in lowering your scores,” Spiranac advises. “Most people spend hours just hitting balls and they’re not getting better. So I want you to put your time into short game. We’re going to spend 15 minutes here and then 15 minutes on the range.”

Spiranac then demonstrates what you should do, beginning with working on short putts.

The next drill Paige shares uses a a wedge, a golf ball and your putter, and involves playing five holes of up and downs.

She emphasizes that when you practice you should be practicing as if you’re on the course about to hit the ball, not just hit shots rapid fire.

Over on the range, Paige begins with her wedges, then switches to her longer irons.

“I like to do the odds and the evens on different days so today we’re going to do odd numbers,” she explains.

Once she’s done with that she works on her entire routine, “playing” some “holes” on the range, hitting each shot as if you were actually on the course.

After walking us through a few holes and how she visualizes them, she says whatever it is that you struggle with the most, such as long irons, that is what you should focus on the most in the time you have to practice.

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