Paige Spiranac Stuns In Behind-The-Scenes YouTube Video And Humorous, Sarcastic TikTok

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Paige Spiranac has been hard at work in her job as the top golf influencer on the planet over the past week.

A week ago she shared a behind the scenes video on YouTube titled “Day in the Life Vlog + Augusta Recap.”

“Welcome back to my YouTube channel,” Spiranac began the video. “Today we are doing a day in the life vlog. You guys have been requesting this for a while now and I thought since every day is very different for me that I would start doing more of these.”

Then, earlier this week, Paige went viral again with a new video she titled “40 seconds is a long time.”

Over on TikTok, Paige Spiranac took aim yet again at her haters with a sarcastic video addressing those who say she over-sexualizes herself online.

@_paige.reneeI would neverrrrrr♬ House Bunny Oh Heck No – Martín Soto

And finally, on Thursday, Spiranac posted another vlog on her YouTube channel titled “Golf Content Creator Work Trip Vlog (aka playing golf for a living without being on tour).”

“I thought it’d be fun to take you along with me,” Paige says at the beginning of the vlog. “Packing up today, leaving really early tomorrow morning, and then it is two full days, packed full days, of work and then I head back home the next morning. So let’s just get right on into it.”

Paige then briefly shows a clip from the plane before entering her hotel room.

“I always forget to vlog at the airport,” Spiranac tells the camera.

“Mostly because I look like this, but here is my room,” Paige adds, giving us a brief peek at her off-day look in the wall mirror.

She then takes her viewers to the golf course, back to her hotel room where she shows off her golf bag and head covers, then heads back to the golf course where is playing a round with some contest winners.

After her round, Paige heads to the studio for a photo shoot before returning to the balcony at her hotel room for a little rest before heading back home.

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