Paige Spiranac Wows In Latest Viral Instagram Video About How To Hit The Ball Farther

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Jon Rahm may be the Masters champion and the world’s top-ranked golfer, but he has nothing on Paige Spiranac when it comes to popularity in the golf world.

Rahm boasts 653 thousands followers on his Instagram page. Which sounds like a lot, right?

But that’s absolutely nothing to the 3.7 million followers that Spiranac has built up in her time as a golf influencer.

Spiranac recently drew plenty of attention when she recreated an iconic photo of World Golf Hall of Fame member Jan Stephenson. The eye-catching photo shows Spiranac posed in a bathtub filled with golf balls.

But on Monday, she was right back to her regularly scheduled Instagram content.

This time around, Spiranac took to the simulator to give out tips for how to hit the ball farther.

“Here’s how to hit your driver farther with just a few easy tips. Let’s go,” she began. “First, I want you to tee the ball higher and then feel like you’re hitting an inside-out draw. I know everyone says ‘swing hard.’ But really, it’s tempo. You’re going to hit it farther if you find the center of the club face. So feel like the fastest part of your swing is after you hit the ball. And there you have it. That’s how you hit your driver farther. Pretty simple and easy, right?”

As with almost anything Spiranac does these days, the post immediately blew up. Within just two hours of posting the clip she had nearly 50 thousand likes on the post and nearly 1,000 comments.

Spiranac is often criticized for her approach to growing the game of golf. But it’s hard to argue that she actually produces some pretty darn helpful golf content.

Take her recent tips for how she grips her putter, for example.

But it’s undeniable that whatever Spiranac is doing, it’s definitely working.