New Photos Of Paige Spiranac In A Bathtub Full Of Golf Balls Go Viral

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“Got balls?” Paige Spiranac asked her 3.7 million followers on Instagram alongside her latest post.

The popular golf influencer certainly appears to have more than a few to spare as new photos she shared of herself in a bathtub filled with them more than attest.

These new photos certainly won’t be slowing down the parade of celebrities who slide into Paige Spiranac’s DMs as she revealed in a recent Instagram Q&A session.

“There has been a couple that have been surprising and cool,” she explained. “It’s bad that when they then unfollow you, and you are like ‘oh great, what did I do now?’

“But the secret is, is that most of the time, they don’t follow you, but they will send you a DM. So I have had some DMs from people that are just out of left field.”

Spiranac added, “People that I don’t expect at all and I am like that is actually kind of cool that they have seen my content. But I will never say who.”

During that Instagram Q&A session, Paige Spiranac also addressed all of the copycats in the golf influencer world.

Case in point

“They say that imitation is the greatest form of flattery, so, I am proud to be inspiration for all of these women, I mean, they’ve seen me be successful and they know that if they copy exactly what I’m doing, or follow in my footsteps and the exact path that I have created and built for myself, that they will also be successful,” Spiranac said.

“I mean that’s pretty cool, and it shows how powerful my brand has been that if they do copy everything they will also be successful.”


“I will say that I do value creativity and I wish that it wasn’t copied exactly from the exact outfit to how I do my hair, to the captions, to how it’s shot, it would be nice if there was just a little bit of a difference,” Paige continued.

“I think it’d be actually beneficial for them to be different and not have it be exactly, exactly, exactly the same.”

Right. In other words, be more like Claire Hogle, ladies.

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