Paige Spiranac Demonstrates How She Firmly Grips Her Putter

Paige Spiranac

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Paige Spiranac knows what she’s doing… around the golf course.

For her latest video, Paige Spiranac demonstrates the importance of a firm grip on the putter. She jokes “men, remember it’s not the size of your grip that matters it’s how you use it.” I repeat: she knows what she’s doing.

With The Masters just a week away, Spring upon us, and all of the major golf tours in action, golf is having a moment.

Paige Spiranac recently broke down the greatness of The Masters for anyone out there who might not understand why it is the greatest tournament in golf. Days later, Paige is back with some golf tips.

The video is also on Instagram if you prefer that over Twitter.

The top reply said:

“I thought this was about a putter. Why is there no putter in this video?” Paige pointed out that the cropping of this video (on Twitter) made it look like there’s no putter.

It’s inexplicable, I know, but not everyone loved this video

Someone called this video ‘sickening’ because of ‘lingerie’. Paige Spiranac quickly clapped back that what she’s wearing in the video is *NOT* lingerie.

Spiranac turned 30 last weekend and recently released a vlog about the 5 pieces of advice she has to share now that she’s turned 30.

Paige remains the undisputed queen of Golf Influencers. It’s videos like the putting grip one above that keep a stranglehold on the audience. She really does know what she’s doing, props to her for leaning into it.

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