Beautiful Badass Paige VanZant Moved One Step Closer To Being UFC’s Next Big Thing

If you happened to catch UFC on Fox 15 Saturday night you already know that 21 year-old Paige VanZant is a star in the making. However, if you didn’t see it, get ready to learn about the woman UFC is banking on to take the mixed martial arts world by storm.

Saturday night Paige VanZant won her second fight in the women’s strawweight division of the UFC with a decision over a very experienced fighter in Felice Herring. This was important because VanZant caught a lot of heat a couple of months ago when UFC announced she would be one of six fighters signed to a sponsorship deal with Reebok. You see, she’s the only fighter that UFC chose that hasn’t held a title or been granted a title shot to be given such a deal.

Why was she given this deal over fighters with more credentials? According to Dana White, “Listen, people love that girl. She has a great personality — I don’t know if you saw the Instagram of her dancing out in front of her car. That’s awesome. She has the personality. Some people have that ‘it factor’ that you can’t teach people, and Paige has it.”

Of that, at least, there is little doubt.