This Panthers Fan’s Fire NFC Championship Rap Verse Deserves A Grammy Nomination

Panthers Fan Rap Ked Woodley

YouTube/Ked Woodley

His name is Ked Woodley, and I’m just going to outright say it: dude deserves a Grammy nom for this one. Might be the hardest rap verse dropped in 2016 so far. Track is called ‘Dominate the Foe.’ Probably not on iTunes…yet.

What better way to show support for your Carolina Panthers football team than unleashing a fire track like this right before the NFC Championship game versus the Arizona Cardinals. I mean, did you hear how hard he went in!? How simple the beat was yet how intricate those bars were? How he didn’t even need to sample a panther’s growl because he’s perfectly capable of replicating it himself mid-verse!? Dude’s an instant hip-hop legend. No way Cardinals fans don’t have their head on a swivel for this guy come Sunday. Sounds totally capable of mauling your face off.

Just so much intensity.

Please, Cam Newton, get this guy on the sidelines come Sunday. And please, someone, sample that roar and make a fire beat from it. Do it for the Carolinas.

[via Twitter]

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