Panthers D-Man Josh Mahura Took A Brutal Puck To The Face And Stained The Ice Red

Panthers defenseman Josh Mahura

Getty Image / Gerry Angus / Icon Sportswire

The Florida Panthers took a commanding 2-0 lead over the Toronto Maple Leafs in Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs on Thursday.

Florida shocked the Boston Bruins in a fiercely contested Round 1 series (4-3) and the Toronto Maple Leafs stole all 3 road games against Tampa Bay (4-2) to advance. It marked the first time since 2004 the Toronto Maple Leafs made it out of the first round and their expectations are now sky-high.

Losing both home games to start the series is painful for Toronto but surely doesn’t hurt as bad as the puck that Panthers defenseman Josh Mahura took to the face in game 2.

A wayward shot to the left of the net from William Nylander caught him right in the kisser and spilled so much blood it stained the ice red as Josh Mahura was forced out of the game due to the freak injury.

Footage of the puck hitting him in the face went viral on social media. Hockey fans slowed down the clip and shared it from different angles:

Here is how it looked from behind the net:

Hockey fans instantly recognized the severity of the injury. He never saw the puck coming and even if he did there was no way to protect his face.

It really was a lot of blood…

When the sun came up on Friday morning and the Florida Panthers players reported to practice the first reports of his status came in.

All signs indicate that Josh Mahura will be fine, albeit a little sore today and stitched up after his bloody wounds.

Hockey players are just built differently. They’ve all got that dawg in them.