‘Parks And Recreation’ Creator Triggered So Many Yankee Fans With His Assessment Of Why Derek Jeter Is So Overrated

by 1 year ago

Rich Schultz/Getty Images

Yesterday, everyone in New York ate bagels, listened to Frank Sinatra, said at least once in an exaggerated Brooklyn accent “Forget abow it!” and masturbated to the career of Derek Jeter. Well, except A-Rod, who went out to dinner with J-Lo and blew off his teammate. But, everyone else tuned in to watch Mr. November get his jersey retired and the unveiling of a plaque that looks nothing like him.

It’s hard to argue that Jeets doesn’t deserved it. He’s a 14 time All-Star, 5 time World Series Champion, 5 time Gold Glove Award winner, yada yada. But, Red Sox fans will find a way to rain on Jeter’s parade, and no one did it more efficiently that Parks and Recreation creator Michael Schur. Check out his series of tweets below.

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