Pat McAfee Admits To Being ‘Boozed Up’ During Kicking Contest Against Colorado Soccer

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Pat McAfee had himself an unbelievable weekend in Colorado. The 36-year-old former NFL punter-turned-sports personality and ESPN analyst was in Boulder for a live broadcast of his show on Friday during the day, Denver for an appearance with the WWE on Friday night, and back in Boulder on Saturday for College GameDay.

McAfee and his crew went live from the University of Colorado campus on Friday morning. They were joined by a few high-profile guests including Deion Sanders and The Rock.

Dwayne Johnson’s appearance lasted for nearly an hour and included a sing-along from Moana.

There was also a moment during which The Rock broke out some booze. He, McAfee and the rest of the desk took a few shots of Johnson’s Teremana Tequila Blanco.

Long after The Rock had left the set, McAfee made reference to the fact that he was a bit buzzed. That was the case again during his show on Monday.

McAfee reiterated that he was a little bit “boozed up” throughout the afternoon. Especially when he went over to kick the ball around with the Buffaloes women’s soccer team.

Pat McAfee and Colorado soccer were aiming for the crossbar.

One day prior to McAfee’s arrival in Boulder, midfielder Juliauna Hayward and goalkeeper Jordan Nytes threw DAHN a crossbow challenge. The sophomores ain’t hard to find!

McAfee accepted, of course. He pulled up on Friday afternoon prior to Colorado’s game against Denver.

At this point, McAfee had just finished drinking tequila with The Rock. His buzz was buzzing.

And then the challenge got underway. It was simple— hit the crossbar on a soccer net.

McAfee lined it up but, as admitted on Monday, there was one big problem. He was seeing multiple crossbars when he lined it up to kick. The tequila was hitting.

Nytes nailed the crossbar on her first try so McAfee lost almost immediately. Hayward and McAfee proceeded to trade misses for a moment until Nytes stepped back in and got it on her first try, again.

Colorado women’s soccer beat McAfee, but it might have had an advantage. Neither Hayward nor Nytes had been sipping on The Rock’s tequila beforehand!